One newspaper reveals more connections of the US Embassy to Bucharest with Romania's internal affairs, from the cablegate scandal. In politics today, find out what the coalition plans with the law on education. Elsewhere in the news, the NY subway is in the hands of a Romanian.

Gandul reveals that the US Embassy to Bucharest sent a secret cable on terrorism, five days before Romanian journalists were kidnapped in Iraq. On March 23,2005, the US Embassy to Bucharest send a cable on terrorism. Notes with the same subject were sent during the crisis as well and also after journalists were released.

Cables reveal that Romania entered the sphere of interest of the Americans starting with 2004 elections.

Wikileaks leaked information relating to the secrets of the American diplomacy which include secret cables sent to Washington from American diplomats across the globe starting with 1966.

The newspaper took the time to go through all the information and reveal those related to Romania.

In politics today, Evenimentul Zilei reads about the governing coalition's plans with the law on education. For the comfort of the Hungaria nDemocrats, the coalition set up a strategy that would not overthrow PM Boc's procedures to take responsibility for the law, irrespective of what the opposition plans to do.

However, Hungarian Democrats pressure Democrat Liberals to adopt the law by December 11, when the stakes for the Hungarians are high as the new candidates to run for the party's presidency will be announced.

Tensions are also encouraged by the opposition that managed to delay by 10 days the first meeting in which the governing coalition plans to pass the law on education. The coalition plans to move the law on education to be debated by the two reunited Chambers of the Parliament, where the coalition holds majority.

A Romanian origin constructions specialist is the coordinator of some of the biggest infrastructure works at the New York subway, Romania libera reads. Mihai Horodniceanu is a director at the MTA Capital Construction Company and he coordinates the biggest infrastructure works in the last 70 years, worth 17.5 billion dollars.

The plans include extension of existent subway lines, the modification of current routes to improve efficiency and a new terminal tens of meters below earth in Manhattan's heart. Horodniceanu was born in Bucharest in 1944 but his family immigrated to Israel by the time he was in high school and then he moved to the US.

He continued his graduate studies in Columbia University where he earned a degree in Management and a PHD in Transports at NYU Politechnic University in 1977. The NY subway is one of the most complex subways in the world with over 1000 km of operational lines and 468 stations.