​The cablegate scandal related to the information revealed by Wikileaks colaterally involves Romania also: Clinton demanded biometrical information, the vulnerabilities of Romanian leaders. In politics today, the governing party, PDL started testing the market to rebrand their party's image. Last but not least, one newspaper reads about the renowned Romanian chess champion Dieter Nisipeanu.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about a cable from the US State Department, signed by Hillary Clinton, requesting information about Romanian leaders: their biometrical data, their vulnerabilities.

The newspaper reads that there were also requests about information among corruption among officials. The cable even requests financing sources for political candidates and the plans of the government to ensure transparency.

American diplomats are also requested to find out details about organized crime groups, including their leaders and any connections with leaders of the government or foreign entities, drug trafficking, money laundering, bank frauds and IT frauds.

Overall, the cable requests an overview of Romania, its economy, society, internal and external politics, criminality, leaders, security, and terrorism.

PDL, the governing party tests the market in an attempt to rebrand the party: the symbolic orange color is slowly removed from banners while candidates are presented as having nothing to do with PDL, Gandul reads.

Currently, the party registers historical minimums in surveys which apparently made the party change strategies: it seems that it will give up promoting candidates through PDL symbols.

The first case signaled by the newspaper was in Hunedoara, West Romania where partial elections for a deputy seat, as it was vacated after Ioan Timis passed away. Therefore, the traditional orange color, identifying PDL was replaced by green while the PDL logo was eliminated.

The candidate, Daniel Raducanu did not welcome any PDL members while his counter candidates were supported by visits of PSD leader Ponta and PNL leader Crin Antonescu.

PDL officials declared for the newspaper that they chose green because 80% of the county is green, with most natural reservations in the country. They declared that the banners state that are made by PDL, in small letters.

Officially, no one wanted to comment the situation. The newspaper reads that changes in party branding will be discussed in the March congress.

Romania libera reads about Dieter Nisipeanu, the 34 year old Romanian who managed the greatest performance in the history of Romanian chess: he won the golden medal at the European Chess Championship at Warsaw.

Nisipeanu won several other awards at various competitions and now he earns a living as a professional chess player. Nisipeanu admits that his performance is mainly due to the support of his parents who supported him in leaving school to concentrate on chess.

He told the newspaper that as a professional chess player in Romania, he can earn up to 1,000 euro/month. His targets for the next years are to win a world title and make it among the top 20 world players.