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What the newspapers say: December 6, 2010 

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Luni, 6 decembrie 2010, 9:11 English | Press Review

​Romania's capital city has plans to become a weekend destination for tourists with a 20 million investments while Romania's Foreign Affairs minister meets his Egyptian counterpart to mark 105 years since bilateral relations were established between the two countries. Last but not least, a Romanian in Germany seeks two of her children which she left for adoption in the 90's. 

Romania's capital city, Bucharest, plans to become a weekend destination for tourists, Gandul reads. In two years, citizens might cross the capital city in small boats or a gondola. Local authorities plan to connect by water all the lakes in the capital city and create an efficient water transport system. 

Moreover, the project also includes two amphitheaters with 300 seats each. The plan to transform Bucharest in a city break for tourists includes the new water transports, a bicycle route and a tourist friendly walking tour. 

The value of the project for water transport is 20 million euro of which 7 million euro will come from EU funds, 10 million from the local budget and the difference, 3.2 million is the VAT and will be covered by the state. 

Elsewhere in the news, Romanian Foreign Affairs minister Teodor Baconschi meets his Egyptian counterpart, Ahmet Aboul Gheit to mark 105 years of bilateral relations between the two countries. 

Ahmet Aboul Gheit arrives in Bucharest in his first stage of a regional tour including Ukraine, Hungary and Bulgaria. The official will also meet the Senate's and Chamber of Deputies' Speakers and the Economy minister, Ion Ariton and deputy PM Marko Bela. 

Also, the two foreign ministers will sign a cooperation agreement for education, science and culture, for 2010- 2013. 

Evenimentul Zilei reads about Romanian Ileana Pomorin, aged 44 who has been living in Germany for ten years as she is looking for two of her children which she left to the care of the state in the 90s due to poverty. 

The woman claims they were adopted without her will. She says that she left her babies in the hospital due to the poor conditions she had at home, planning to take her children back from the hospital. 

However, they were adopted: the girl in Israel and the boy in Canada. She claims that the babies were adopted without her will. Romanian officials declare that the girl was declared abandoned which is why the mother was not asked to consent.

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