​Romania could win 90,000 jobs if foreign investors get what they want from the Romanian market. Surprisingly, 2010 was a good year for Forza Rossa the company that sells Ferrari in Romania as all Ferrari cars allocated for Romania were sold. Talking about success, some Romanian brands seek it abroad.

Gandul reads that foreign investors seek more liberty in terms of hiring and firing employees. In other words, investors seek flexibility, which could create about 90,000 jobs on the short term. The labor legislation does not match the economic situation of the country, which is why it needs to be modified.

These modifications need to target three aspects: flexibility, ease of recruitment, ease of firing. Schachar Shaine, member in the Foreign Investors Council declared that temporary workers need to be encouraged, and companies need to have facilities to be able to hire temporary workers faster and easier.

Evenimentul Zilei quotes business newspaper Capital in reading that all Ferrari cars allocated for Romania were sold in 2010. Forza Rossa, the company that sells Ferrari in Romania sold this year 26 units, above its 25 units allocation.

The most expensive model is the 599 GTO, a limited edition worth 320,000 euro. The cheapest is the California model at 150,000 euro.

Gandul reads about those Romanian brands that attempt to internationalize its successes in Romania. The well known Topoloveni jam reached Nice while Elmiplant and Ivatherm cosmetics struggle with beauty giants and Musette was well received downtown New York.

Bibiana and Diana Stanciulov, daugther and mother rediscovered a product that takes ones breath because of its simplicity: the Topoloveni plums jam, traditionally Romanian. Diana said that they sent a stock to a shop in Nice and they shortly sold everything they had.

The two left with 10-15 tuns of jam that they exported raw and reached 200-300 tons for jam/year sold in a container, protected nationally and starting this Spring, protected in Europe.

In terms of beauty, Romanian companies Elmiplant and Ivatherm that seek to conquer the European market facing the beauty giants. Ivatherm produces its cosmetics in France, with thermal water from Herculane, a famous location in Romania.

Elmiplant started off as a small family business and expanded its business along the years. Another Romanian company, Musette, that produces and sells shoes and bags expanded in New York, Tel Aviv and Sofia.

The company prepares to export in Luxembourg, Russia, Germany, France and Italy.