​Romanian will build the biggest laser in the world with an investment of 280 million euro and IBM could build a regional research center at Targu Mures, central Romania. On the political scene, Social Democrats agreed to form an alliance with the Liberals, but the Liberals did not make a decision yet. Those who stay in Bucharest over the week end can enjoy various Christmas fairs to choose gifts from.

The government approved the governmental decision to allocate structural funds for the biggest laser in the world. The construction, at Magurele, central Romania will start next year, Romania libera reads.

The government still waits for the approval of the European Commission to start any building plans. The EU decided last year that Romania, Czech Republic and Hungary should host powerful lasers with different applications. In Romania, the laser will be used for nuclear physics.

Romanian experts set up a national consortium to build the laser lead by academic professor Zamfir Nicolae, general director of the National Nuclear Engineering Institute. The construction will last 4 years and will be as big as two stadiums on five levels: two underground and three above ground.

Elsewhere in the news, IBM might build a regional research centre at Targu Mures, central Romania, Romania libera reads. The centre would serve the Balkans and Targu Mures's mayor Virgil Stan declared that they will meet with IBM representative to tackle this subject. PM Boc is to attend the meeting as well.

In politics, Social Democrats agreed to form an alliance with the Liberals but the Liberals did not decide on the matter just yet, Gandul reads. PSD Leader Victor Ponta declared that the Social Democrats are willing to extend the alliance offer for the Liberals and the Conservatives, both at the Parliamentarian level and at the local level.

For those in Bucharest over the weekend, there are various gift fairs for Christmas, Evenimentul Zilei reads. There are museums hosting fairs, the Bucharest old center on Lipscani street is full of gifts, ideas and traditional Christmas carols. Plus, tens of renowned Romanian bands like Directia 5, Vama, Iris and many others.