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What the newspapers say: December 13, 2010 

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Luni, 13 decembrie 2010, 9:15 English | Press Review

Hungarian Democrats are in the loop as their leader Marko Bela announced he will not run for another mandate, after 17 years. His decision leaves the party astray. Elsewhere in the news, American actor Nicolas Cage was the main lead in a scandal downtown Bucharest. Two homeless Romanians were set on fire in France. 

In an interview with Laszlo Tokes, vice president of the European Parliament, Romania libera reads about the decision of the Hungarian Democrats leader Marko Bela not to run for another mandate and the next steps for the party.
Tokes considers that the leaders of the party accommodated with the power and forgot their political program but Bela's decision is not a step to reform the political party, in his opinion. Tokes expressed his concern on the unity of the community, arguing that if the party fails to unify the community, it will most surely fail to meet the Parliamentary threshold. 

Tokes declared that Hunor, the current Culture minister and one of the main candidates for the party's leadership, is the creation of Marko Bela while Kovacs Peter has a disadvantage that he was the President's counselor. 

For Tokes, Kovacs Peter would be well suited to take over the party's leadership. 

Famous American actor Nicolas Cage, who is shooting Ghost Rider 2 in Romania, has a quarrel with two people at five in the morning. He was taped in front of a Bucharest night club as he was screaming and arguing with the other men. 

The tape was shot on Saturday night at around 5 AM. The incidents come a week after a Romanian tabloid wrote that Ghost Rider 2 shots were interrupted by the police while one of the actors called them, dissatisfied with the conditions he was offered. 

Cage is not the only actor to cause disturbance in Bucharest. American actor Jean Claude Van Damme was involved in a violent clash with a group of Rroma. David Hasselhoff was found wandering on Magheru street, drunk. 

Evenimentul Zilei reads that a man and his 20 year old son were set on fire by strangers as they were sleeping in a garden of the Thiole villa. The victims suffered serious burns and the young man is hospitalized in a sever condition. 

According to local news, his situation is desperate. Romania's Foreign Affairs ministry confirmed the information for the Romanian newspaper. Local authorities announced they are investigating the case. 

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