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What the newspapers say: December 16, 2010 

de A.C.
Joi, 16 decembrie 2010, 9:54 English | Press Review

​All newspapers today read about the bomber's wife, Mona Thawny and about her relatives back in Romania. Elsewhere in the news, the 50/2010 ordinance for credits apply only for new loans which is a close version of what IF and EU officials demanded. Japanese Ambassador to Romania escapes each weekend in the Carpathians. 

All newspapers on Thursday read about the relatives in Romania of the Stockholm bomber's wife, Mona Thawny. Yesterday, British Daily Mail who visited the grandparents of Mona Thawny in Bolintin Vale, Giurgiu wrote that her grandmother declared that her niece radicalized her husband. 

Reporters wrote several presumed declarations made by the old lade, one of which reading that Mona was the author behind her husband's deeds. Apparently, the old lady told journalists that her niece radicalised her options after a trip to North Africa in 2000. 

However, when visited by Evenimentul Zilei, Elena Nedelcovici, the grandmother was furious as she heard what the Daily Mail journalists wrote. She denied the information they wrote. Mona's father, architect Ali Abdul Zahr Thwany, who graduated the Romanian National Architecture Institute in Bucharest married Mihaela who followed him in the 80s in Oran, Algeria when Mona was still a child. 

Mona studied psychology at London, where she met her husband, the grandparents say. 

Romania libera reads on the same topic that her grandmothers told initially the Daily Mail that she was influence by her husband, not the other way around. Her grandparents talk about Mona's education, who masters four foreign languages: French, Swedish, English and Arabic. 

Despite the attempts to contact her, Romania libera did not manage. 

Elsewhere in the news, Gandul reads about the 50/2010 ordinance on credits. Deputies of the Budget, Finance and Banks Committee decided that the ordinance applies only for new loans. The ordinance now is closer to the version demanded by IMF and EU officials who did not agree with the fact that the ordinance applied for old loans too. 

The Chamber of Deputies is the decisive chamber after the Senate adopted the ordinance without the amendments. Officials from the consumer's protection, which promoted an ordinance version favorable to consumers declared that they are optimistic and that the situation can change still. 

The amendment can be rejected in the Chamber at the vote. The only ruling that banks ‘clients lost at least so far, is that the ordinance will not implemented for current credits. However, all those articles limiting the number of commissions, decreasing the commissions for anticipated reimbursements and eliminating it for credits with variable interest rates remain unchanged. 

However, the problem is that there are many people with credits who signed additional acts which still benefit from the ordinance which is absurd, an expert quoted by the newspaper reads. He believes that the main beneficiaries of the amendment are those banks that did not apply the ordinance. 

Romania libera reads about the Japanese Ambassador to Bucharest, Natsuo Amemiya who, since he took over his mandate in 2009, visits Romania as much as he can. In the weekends, he prefers to trail the Carpathians as much as he can, he confesses in an interview for the newspaper. 

He visited so far Brasov, Sibiu, Constanta and Timisoara. He says Romania is unique and each time he visits a new place is charmed by the specifics of the area.

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