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What the newspapers say: December 29, 2010 

de A.C.
Miercuri, 29 decembrie 2010, 10:46 English | Press Review

Most newspapers on Wednesday read about the Liberals offer for the Social Democrats and Hungarian Democrats - an alliance until 2016 and a common candidate for the presidency. Another newspaper reads about the Liberal leader Crin Antonescu's successes in the party. Last but not least, find out what are the most beautiful castles in Transylvania. 

Gandul reads about the offer Liberal leader Crin Antonescu made to the Social Democrats and Hungarian Democrats - an alliance until 2016 and a common candidate for the presidency. However, for this plan to be successful, the Opposition plans to suspend the President in 2011. 

Antonescu made the offer in the second day of Christmas. The plan to takeover power means that the Social Democrats, Liberals and maybe the Conservatives to reunite in a governing coalition which would co-opt the Hungarian Democrats. The new alliance should last until 2016. 

The second step is to dismiss the Boc government, after the majority in the Parliament is shifted and suspend the President. The last step is to form a new government, with a PM sustained by all parties and early presidential elections in 2011 with a common candidate for the Presidency. 

However, the proposal of the Liberals will not be materialized since it is not the first time rumors of an alliance are out on the table. The Social Democrats are not able to accept the Liberal's compromise, to sustain an independent PM. 

In the same vein, Evenimentul Zilei reads about Antonescu as the Che Guevara of the Liberal Party. The former candidate for presidency strengthened his leadership position in the party this year. He managed to impose his own team at the head of the party and his own shadow government. 

In one year Antonescu imposed elections on lists of the new Liberal party, his own team and a shadow government formed by his close allies. Even if there were former leaders who did not willingly accept these changes, Antonescu's statute as leader was never contested. 

Romania libera reads about the most beautiful castles in Transylvania, which can easily compete with their European counterparts. Castles are one of the most important tourism resources of the country but unfortunately, most of them are ruined. 

The pearl of the crown is considered to be the Corvini castle, in Hunedoara, West Romania. This is the biggest gothic style castle in Central Eastern Europe. The castle was built in the XVth century. 

Second, the Bran castle which is unique as it is the only castle built by the Teutons knights which is still standing in an Orthodox country. The third castle mentioned by the newspaper is the Savarsin castle, nearby Arad, West Romania. The castle looks like a palace and is famous for becoming one of the residencies of the Romanian royal family.
The castle at Bontida was considered once as Transylvania's Versailles. The castle's construction started in 1437 and was updated and extended several times.

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