Another scandal on the political scene broke yesterday as police officers and court officers attempted to evacuate the headquarters of the Greater Romania Party. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian parliamentarians plan a protest against the refusal of Germany and France to accept Romania in Schengen in 2011. Last but not least, Timisoara is promoted by Germans.

The new scandal on the Romanian political scene involves extremist leader Vadim Tudor, head of the Greater Romania Party who vandalized and called names against the police officers and court officers who attempted to forcefully evacuate the party’s headquarters. Authorities attempted to evacuate the party representatives from their headquarters, located in a house won by its rightful owner in the court.

They were vandalized and pushed by Vadim who was eager to defend himself against them even though they had every right to do this. Representatives of the Higher Court of Justice declared that the evacuation procedure is ongoing and that the situation will be shortly analyzed.

Apparently ,the house was claimed by the owner as early as 2001 and even so, in 2007 authorities approved a renting contract for the party.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that a cultural organization in Berlin, together with a group in Timisoara, West Romania found an interesting way to promote the city in Germany. Germans do for the city what Romanians cannot: promote the city abroad. While Romania’s Foreign Affairs minister calls for the possibility to block Croatia’s entrance to the EU as a reaction to the refusal of Germany and France to accept Romania in Schengen in 2011, Romanian Parliamentarians plan a new protest, Gandul reads.

Germany recently requested an exception approval, urging EU member states to agree to the increase in the number of German MEPs from 96 to 99. However, the approval, which will modify the Lisbon Treaty, needs the positive approval of all national Parliaments in the EU.

Therefore, Romanian Parliamentarians declared that this is their chance to get even on Germans. Democrat Liberal deputy Alin Popoviciu declared that if the government does not offer a suggestion, then he will not vote in favor of Germany.

inter:est Kulturprojekte point out Timisoara in a subjective tourist guide, part of a project where several other European cities are found. The guide on Timisoara will be released this Spring in Berlin. Timisoara is the only city in Romania in the project and starting next month it will also be promoted online.