Most newspapers on Tuesday read about the new center right alliance of the Liberals and Conservatives. Find out what the price of the two parties is and how they will share power. Elsewhere in the news, taxi drivers announced their plans to boycott gas stations due to the uncontrolled price increases in the last months.

Gandul reads that only 4 Liberals out of 150 present had the courage to speak up against an alliance with the Conservatives on Monday, when the permanent delegation was due to take a decision. The four were former PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Ludovic Orban, Adriana Saftoiu and Varujan Vosganian.

However, according to Liberal sources Antonescu tried to settle things from the start saying that the political office of the party already approved the alliance. Former PM Tariceanu stood up and wondered by the Liberals need an alliance with a small party when it can simply collaborate with the party as they did before.

At her turn, former presidential counselor Adriana Saftoiu reminded her colleagues about the bad image Dan Voiculescu has to the electorate. Nonetheless, Antonescu declared that the party is where it is due to the votes he brought in. After the protocol was approved by the two parties, the party leaders signed the document.

However, it did not manage to get registered to court because the court was closed by the time the two parties approved the alliance.

In the same vein, Evenimentul Zilei reads that according to the protocol signed by the two parties, Dan Voiculescu will be sustained to occupy the Senate Speaker’s position. The two want to convince PSD leader Victor Ponta to accept their plans. If Ponta accepts, he would be Prime Minister and Antonescu will be the candidate for the presidency.

According to Social Democratic sources, Voiculescu is eager to become Speaker of the Senate now and is not willing to wait until 2012. The plan of the opposition is to suspend the president, overthrow the government and organize early elections, presidential and parliamentary.

Last but not least, taxi drivers announced their plans to boycott petrol stations, dissatisfied with the lack of results from the Competition Council and the government’s lack of reaction to the uncontrolled price increases. Romania libera reads that taxi drivers are also dissatisfied that they have to pay the same price as their EU counterparts, but the purchasing power in the EU is considerably higher.

As a protest, they decided that no taxi driver will purchase petrol. Continued protests in the last years had also results. All those involved in the Transports sector protested in 1997 – 1998 against the integration of a high road tax in the price of the petrol and the unjustified increase in prices.

The boycott, announced for Thursday will be a warning and maybe it will trigger others to join their protest. Romanian National Bank officials declared for the newspaper that the dynamic of the price of petrol cannot be explained considering that there are in Romania internal extractions and compared to the previous years, the price of oil is reasonable on the international market.