Social Democratic leaders reacted tough after the court decided to temporary arrest Arges County President Constantin Niculescu, president of the Social Democratic Party branch in Arges, suspected of favoring some companies to access public money. The biggest SPA in Europe will be built in Snagov, nearby Bucharest. Luxury items, more expensive in Romania than in Germany in general.

The political scandal in Arges broke out on Wednesday when anti-graft prosecutors searched the headquarters of the County Council in Arges and its president’s house, Gandul reads. In the same day, prosecutors arrested Nicolescu for 24 hours. Nicolescu’s entourage immediately accused Democrat Liberal Senator Mircea Andrei of instigating prosecutors to arrest Nicolescu.

Arges County Council President, Constantin Nicolescu was accused by anti graft prosecutors of using or presenting documents with false declarations to obtain, unrightfully, funds from the EU; of intellectual false against the interests of the EU; bribe taking and abuse in service against the public interest, Gandul reads.

Meanwhile, PSD leader Victor Ponta declared, shortly after Nicolescu suffered a heart attack following the announcement of his arrest for 29 days, that as a protest, Social Democrats will hold their meetings in front of the anti-graft prosecutor’s headquarters on Monday. Ponta accused President Basescu and his men of plotting against Nicolescu.

Former PM Adrian Nastase said that certain politicians attempt to destroy some key men in the Social Democratic Party. Nastase said that the Social Democratic Party should not stand there but react to the Stalinist regime.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about the plans of local authorities to build the biggest SPA in Europe. The SPA’s location is just 25-30 km away from the city capital, nearby the future highway linking Bucharest to Brasov, central Romania. Some of the richest Romanians own houses in the area and tens of acres of land.

The region will be transformed in a balneoclimateric health resort where student camps will be organized, an asylum for the old will be built and many other attractions. Local mayor Apostol Musat said that he received five offers from investors in Rome and Dubai who are very interested in the project.

Romania libera compares prices for luxury products with Germany and comes to the conclusion that luxury products are more expensive in Romania. When it comes to cars, the newspaper compared prices in Romania for the Toyota Lexus model which in Germany was cheaper by almost 8000 euro.

The same car brand is more expensive in Romania than Bulgaria by 10,000 euro and by 5000 euro than Poland. However, the car is sold by 10-15,000 euro more in countries like Spain or Portugal. The newspaper reads that the same is true for most luxury commodities like boats, photo cameras or watches.