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What the newspapers say: February 15, 2011

de A.C.
Marţi, 15 februarie 2011, 10:12 English | Press Review

Most newspapers on Tuesday read about the plans of the President to separate the position of Prime Minister from that of President of the Party. Elsewhere in the news, Justice minister Catalin Predoiu sees the Senate’s validation of the eight new members of the Superior Council of Magistracy as a legal and a normal decision. Last but not least, a 17 year old Romania was executed in a parking lot in Germany.  

Most newspapers on Tuesday read about the plans of the President who after three distinct meetings reached the same conclusion: that Emil Boc cannot be both Prime Minister and leader of the Democratic Liberal Party in the same time. Gandul reads that the President had three meetings with Democratic Liberal leaders attempting to understand how they see the future of the party before the May internal elections. 

In a meeting with leaders of the party, Basescu said he does not support a certain candidate for the highest position of the party but that he would like to see reformists included in the party’s executive like Monica Macovei, Sever Voinescu, Cristi Preda, Teodor Baconschi.  

On Monday, the option to have an independent candidate became more attractive for all camps in the party, the newspaper reads. In this vein, Basescu undertook a visit to the Central Bank, in an attempt to have governor Isarescu as Prime Minister. Another possible name is Mihai Tanasescu, Romania’s representative to the IMF. 

The newspaper reads that by naming an independent candidate, the President wants to block whatever wishes the PSD – PNL alliance might have to name their own Prime Minister. Romania libera reads that the latest conclusion was to have Boc President of the party and identify an independent Prime Minister. 

The President believes that Boc would be the perfect solution for the party because he would be the only one to rule over all PDL camps.  

Romania libera quotes Justice minister Catalin Predoiu who pin points that the Senate’s decision to validate the eight magistrates legally chosen by the Superior Council of Magistracy was correct and normal. He explained for the public television that the decision is correct and a new step towards normality was taken yesterday as the activity of the Council will be unlocked. 

Predoiu said the reform burden will rest on the shoulders of the Council. There are many hopes that link to their performance since they are expected to take radical measures regarding the integrity of the judicial system, with the optimal work load, with the responsibility and accountability of the magistrates and their professional training, Predoiu said. 

Evenimentul zilei reads the story of two Romanians, aged 17 and 19, the victims of an armed attack in Fulda German city. The two Romanians came to Germany to purchase a car from a German citizen but the adventure turned out to be a trap and the 17 year old Romanian died in the shooting.  

The newspaper quotes local German newspapers reading that the two were set up by a German citizen who pretended to have a car to sell. They money for the car were at the 19 year old Romania who managed to escape as the shooting began. The police declared that this was a typical robbing case in which sellers are tricked just to be robbed.

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