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What the newspapers say: February 16, 2011

de A.C.
Miercuri, 16 februarie 2011, 9:46 English | Press Review

All newspapers on Wednesday read about the political turmoil in the Democratic Liberal Party and President Basescu’s plans to convince the party that their only solution is an independent Prime Minister which so far, did not succeed. Other newspapers read that PM Boc tricked Basescu into believing that he agrees to be replaced but apparently he changed his mind. Meanwhile, a decision has been postponed until the Hungarian Democrats hold their congress in ten days’ time. 

Democratic Liberals spoiled President Basescu’s plans when the latter seemed sure that he will manage to impose an independent Prime Minister to the party. Gandul reads that Basescu almost managed to convince local party organizations leaders about the idea.  

The newspaper reads that on Monday night Basescu was sure he won the battle especially that Boc assured him that he is willing to step down from the PM and the party’s leadership if he is asked to. However, by Tuesday morning things changed: Boc sent the idea that a resignation does not seem a good solution and that risks for the party are too high.  

According to sources, several local organizations leaders tried to convince Boc not to step down as the risks with an independent Prime Minister are too high. Most of them worry that an independent Prime Minister will no longer allocate money to counties or would even dismiss some. However the newspaper reads that President Basescu is willing to impose his views on the party.

 Evenimentul Zilei reads that a decision on this matter has been postponed for the end of February, after the congress of the Hungarian Democrats. President Basescu took the opportunity to warn party leaders that if they choose to maintain the current situation, they will bury the party and lose power. 

The President told his colleagues that in a current analysis, the party was quoted at 15% of the electorate and without chances of growing which endangers the future of the party. Basescu told Democratic Liberals that they have to think strategically for the next few years and warned them that they have organization and communications deficiencies. 

Romania libera reads that the Democratic Liberals have to take a decision to either maintain Boc as head of the government or replace him with a technocrat. Sources claim that the name of favored for the technocrat is not among Central Bank representatives. On the other hand, the replacement of Boc as head of the government is almost sure since the negotiations weakened his position.

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