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What the newspapers say: February 21, 2011

de A.C.
Luni, 21 februarie 2011, 9:12 English | Press Review

What are the odds for an anti-smoking law to pass in Romania, one newspaper wonders on Monday while another reads about the richest man in the customs scandal, billionaire in euro, Iulian Teseleanu chief of the Kogalniceanu customs in Constanta whose past wealth declarations contradicts his revenues. A Romanian pleaded guilty in a court in Chicago, US admitting his participation in an internet fraud.  

Romania libera wonders what the chances of an anti-smoking law in Romania are. Romanian deputy Manuela Mitrea initiated a draft law planning to ban smoking in any closed space. If the law would pass Romania would join the other 13 countries where smoking in closed spaces is banned like France, Bulgaria, Spain, Great Britain etc. 

Doctor Florin Mihaltan, President of the Network to prevent smoking in Romania believes that the faith of such a law can be decided on subjective grounds. He gave as example the Czech Republic, where the President was a smoker, with lung cancer and who opposed the law firmly. 

Mihaltan said that the draft law will be influenced by many factors from the lobby of the tobacco industry to the political support they gain. Currently, smoking is banned in public spaces and all public places need to set up a special smoking lounge. 

Gandul reads on Monday about discrepancies in the wealth declarations of customs officials and their actual revenues. The newspaper gives as example billionaire in euro Iulian Teseleanu, chief of the Mihail Kogalniceanu customs, in Constanta South East Romania. His best friend, the President’s brother Mircea Basescu talks highly of him, as a “correct and honest man”. 

However, the newspaper reads that according to his wealth declarations, in 2007 he cashed in 160,000 euro, in 2009 just 23,000 euro. In 2010 his revenues continued to drop but he did not give up the position. According to his latest wealth declaration, in April 2010, Teseleanu owns lands in Constanta, totaling 10,500 square meters bought in 2007-2008, an apartment in Constanta, jewelry worth 40,000 lei and 230,000 euro in his accounts and 380,000 worth of shares.  

The newspaper reads that no customs officer was arrested in the massive raids of this month but the paper checked the almost 400 wealth declarations and in 26 cases there are flagrant contradictions between the wealth they declare and the revenues.

  Evenimentul Zilei reads about Romanian Adrian Ghighina, aged 33 who pleaded guilty in a court in Chicago, US thus admitting his involvement in an internet fraud scheme through which it organized fictive tenders for expensive products. Ghighina could be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years of prison and a 250,000 dollars fine for his accusations in Chicago and another 20 years of prison and 250,000 dollars for other recent accusations in Washington.

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