New development plans nearby Bucharest spring up: this time, an investor plans to build a Disneyland replica worth 140 million euro. Romania’s Foreign Affairs minister to open a new general consulate at Vancouver in an official visit to Canada. About 50 Romanian exhibitors attend this week the International Tourism Fair at Berlin in attempt to attract more German tourists. Last but not least, a French photographer reveals Bucharest through its graffiti hearts.

Gandul reads on Friday about the plans of an investor to build a Disneyland replica nearby Bucharest, on 26 acres of land. The investment is estimated at almost 140 million euro and its construction will last 3 years according to the project presented by Impact Developer Contractor at the Romanian – Arab forum that took place in Bucharest.

The main attractions of the fun park will be two montagne rousses, a tower where visitors will experience free falls, a planetarium and spatial simulation studios. A water park will also be build for the summer season with many other opportunities. Dan Ioan Popp, Impact president said that the success of the project depends on the macro-economic climate in Romania as well and on possible investors.

Romania’s Foreign Affairs minister Teodor Baconschi will officially open a new general consulate in Vancouver in his official visit, on March 22- 26, to Canada, Gandul reports. The minister will visit Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver where he will meet Canadian officials, local authorities and representatives of the Romanian community in Canada.

50 Romanian exhibitors are attending the International Tourism Fair at Berlin, promoting seaside getaways, mountain escapes, cultural circuits, active tourism, tourism in nature, health tourism or even travels in cities across the country. The event is the biggest such manifestation in the world.

According to a Romanian Tourism and Development ministry press release, the fact that the event takes place in Germany represents an advantage for Romanian tourism because Germans are most active when it comes to travelling, Evenimentul Zilei reads. The fair has over 11,000 exhibitors across 180 countries and 178,971 vsitors of which 110,857 work in the industry.

Romania libera reads about the exhibit of a French photographer from Lyon who currently studies therapy through art. In 2009, she came to Bucharest for a one year masters at the National Arts University and came to know Bucharest through its graffiti hearts.

The newspaper reads that the man behind the illegal drawings is a young man who wants to make Romanians living in Bucharest happy. Emilie Fevre says for the newspaper that she came to discover the creator of the hearts through the places he chose to draw, the hearts themselves. Her exhibition, E+A=♥ at the French Institute in Bucharest gathers 200 pictures.