World leaders describe the situation in Japan in dramatic terms and their conclusion is that things are out of control. The wind of wealth blows through Romania, this is how a small village in Romania is portrayed in the Financial Times. In politics today, it’s total war in the Democratic Liberal Party as the party is about to elect its president in May.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that the situation at the Fukushima 1 plant is described in dramatic terms by world leaders as they believe that authorities lost control over the situation. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Dmitri Medvedev described yesterday, for the first time, the situation in Japan in dramatic terms while for a few days now, the international community has been shy in opinions.

Merkel warned that the accident has apocalyptic proportions while the Kremlin leader talked about a catastrophe and a colossal national disaster. The situation evolves after a dramatic script and consequences are unpredictable, German chancellor said.

In any case, the situation at Fukushima is worse than the Japanese government announces, the President of the American Authority for Nuclear Security Gregory Jaczko informs. Yesterday, French specialists said that the next 48 hours are crucial.

Elsewhere in the news, Romania libera reads that Fantanele, a small village in Romania received an extensive attention in the prestigious economic publication Financial Times. “A chill breeze whistles through the tiny village of Fantanele, in South East Romania.

But far from begrudging the winter gusts, its residents are grateful” this is how the article takes off in an analysis of the wind turbines at Fantanele and the benefits it brings to its inhabitants. So far, each of the 120 turbines generates for the Czech Energy group CEZ an annual gain of 3,000 euro for the owner of the terrains.

The journalist however also mentions last year’s scandal, involving Cogealac mayor Cati Hristu which ended with gun shots and arrests. Last summer, he says the security personnel securing the constructions site for the next stage of the eolian park shot with rubber shots against armed (with bats) protesters that tried to invade the site.

Gandul reads about the struggle within the Democratic Liberal Party as the party’s secretary Vasile Blaga and incumbent party president and PM Emil Boc settle their alliances in the wake of the May Congress when delegates of the party will choose a new president.

The newspaper reads that if so far Blaga seemed to win most of the support of local party leaders, things might just shift as the President of the Suceava local council, Gheorghe Flutur shifted allegiances from Blaga to Boc. It seems that Flutur was promised from Blaga a first Vice President position in the party but now things changed as Flutur withdrew with him all the support of local organizations in Moldova.

He not only lost the most influent leader in Moldova, but also lost majority in the committee organizing the party convention. In the Parliament, camps have already been decided, as 30 Senators out of a total of 50 PDL Senators signed for Blaga. In the Chamber of Deputies, the balance seems to be favorable to Boc as 70 deputies out of 123 PDL deputies opted for Boc.