All newspapers on Friday read about the accusations brought to CNSLR Fratia union leader Marius Petcu who was caught red handed taking bribe by anti graft prosecutors. Elsewhere in the news, the case involving Romanian MEP Adrian Severin might trigger a change in EP’s internal rules. Also in the news, one newspaper presents the invoice Severin sent to undercover journalists for his rendered services. An Austrian foundation finances a class on a taboo theme in Romania at the Conservator. Last but not least, H&M opens its first store in Romania today.

All newspapers read today about the investigation of anti graft prosecutors that caught CNSLR Fratia union leader Marius Petcu red handed, accepting bribe from a businessman. Yesterday, Petcu cashed about 40,000 euro bribe of a total of almost 200,000 euro but was caught by anti graft prosecutors.

According to judicial sources, the union leader has been on the anti graft prosecutors’ radar for a while. The money is actually the last installment from a total of almost 200,000 euro that was promised by businessman Petre Scrieciu, Romania Libera reads. The same sources reveal that the relation between Petcu and Scrieciu’s companies is not new.

The leader apparently received, monthly, a 20% commission from the contracts obtained by the businessman from unions. Marius Petcu is one of the richest union leaders in Romania with a wealth that was last month under the attention of the National Integrity Agency. He owns five terrains, three houses, jewelry, watches, paintings worth 20,000 euro, with 60,000 euro and 400,000 lei in his accounts and twice as much on his wife’s name plus shares at five companies.

Romania libera reveals that the scandal involving Romanian MEP Adrian Severin triggered the European Parliament to reconsider its internal rules and make them harsher. Meanwhile, Severin refuses to quit the European Parliament even after he was booed by his colleagues in the first EP session after the scandal and after Romanian politicians and representatives of the civil society requested his resignation.

Nonetheless, a proposal formulated by Romanian MEP Monica Macovei, former Justice Minister that MEPs should be denied any other paid activities while MEPs has already been submitted. EP President Jerzy Buzek said that the Parliament needs to consolidate its ethics code for such situations and it has to impose severe punishments.

What is more, Romania libera released the invoice signed by MEP Severin to the undercover Sunday Times journalists, for supporting an amendment in the EP. For three days of work, Severin should have received 4000 euro.

Romania libera reads about a new taboo course at the Romanian Conservator in Bucharest, financed by an Austrian foundation that plans to see “manele”, a sketchy Romanian music genre as a scientific phenomenon. The newspaper reads that five professors decided to come up with a sociological, scientific perspective over the phenomenon that shook the Romanian industry, a genre not appreciated by many.

Researchers reveal that “maneaua” is closely linked with Romania’s links with the oriental and see the new genre as a resistance to the communist folklore. After 1989 when the phenomenon started again, the Roma used the music to create their identity.

Gandul quotes financial daily Ziarul Financiar announcing that H&M opens its first store on Friday, at AFI Palace Cotroceni mall. The shop will be placed on two floors with a total surface of 1700 square meters. The second store will open at Unirea Shopping Center on March 26th on 2500 square meters.