One newspaper reveals interesting connections with politicians in the case involving CNSLR Fratia union leader Marius Petcu, investigated for bribe taking by anti-graft prosecutors. Hungary will support Romania’s adhesion to Schengen. Seven Brits own the biggest oxen farm in Romania and produce mozzarella cheese. Romania’s Spring Tourism Fair offer up to 20% discount on holiday bookings. Romanian movie When I want to whistle, I whistle won the Gopo award for best movie. Romanians can enjoy eco-tourism in the Macin Mountains South East Romania, where the EU offered a financing of over 4 million euro for the conservation of species and habitats.

Romania libera reveals some interesting connections between CNSLR Fratia union leader Marius Petcu, currently investigated by anti graft prosecutors for bribe taking and politicians. Former PSD Transports minister Miron Mitrea is Petcu’s godfather. The companies of billionaire Dumitru Bucsaru made profitable business with the ministry lead by Mitrea. The husband of the judge who recently released Petcu was employed by Bucsaru’s daughters.

After being caught red handed taking bribe, Petcu was released by the judge who ruled that he can be freed. It is already known that Petcu had important ties with the Social Democrats. Anti graft prosecutors claim that Petcu received monthly 20,000 euro from businessman Scrieciu who at his turn received more contracts from the union.

Evenimentul Zilei quotes Hungary’s Foreign Affairs minister Maronyi Janos who said that his country will support Romania and Bulgaria to join Schengen. He declared that Romania’s adhesion to Schengen is an advantage for the Hungarians. He said Hungary will do whatever it can to facilitate Romania’s adhesion to Schengen.

Romania libera reads about seven British investors who decided to make Italian mozzarella cheese in Romania. With an investment of more than 4 million euro in a ox farm and a cheese factory and after 4 years of failed attempts, the mozzarella cheese factory is working properly producing what they call the Romanian mozzarella.

The cheese factory is completely automatic, and only 5 people are working there. The ox farm also enjoys automatic machinery but employs more Romanians, around 35. The cheese factory produces 1,000 mozzarella boxes each containing 125 gr of mozzarella and 800 kg of other types of cheese.

Evenimentul Zilei announces the spring edition of the Tourism Fair in Romania in Bucharest this end of week where those wishing to secure their holidays can receive up to 20% discount for 21 foreign countries. The fair starts on Thursday at 10AM and ends Sunday at 5PM.

When I want to whistle, I whistle, directed by Florin Serban won the trophy for best movie at the fifth edition of the Gopo awards, on Monday night in Bucharest, Gandul reads. This is the first Romanian movie in the last 17 years that entered in the official competition of the Berlin Festival (in 2010) and managed to take home two important awards: the Silver Bear and the Alfred Bauer distinction.

Romania libera reads that biodiversity in the Macin Mountains, South East Romania is under ecological protection, conserved with 4 million euro from the European Union. Even though it is not one of the top destinations for Romanians, the Macin Mountain reservation has 11,000 acres, the park director’s Viorel Rosca said that people are more and more attracted to discover it.

The park recently opened some trekking routes and said that part of the money received from the EU will be used to increase people’s awareness on the beauty of the party, its wild environment and unique biodiversity.