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What the newspapers say: April 4, 2011

de A.C.
Luni, 4 aprilie 2011, 9:44 English | Press Review

All newspapers on Monday read about Romanian Filaret Motco, a UN employee, who was killed in a violent clash of religions in Afghanistan. A group of companies producing alcohol suspected of a 250 million euro fiscal evasion, benefited from the help of Democratic Liberal deputies. Fearing discrimination, only a third of Romanians admit their Roma origin in an act of courage, Romanian actress Alina Serban reveals her Roma origin in a one woman show.  

Romanian Filaret Motco, the Romanian killed in Afghanistan was from a village in North Romania, Izvoarele Sucevei where his mother, aged 83 and this two brothers are still living, Gandul reads. According to the mayor, his family was informed on Friday night about the tragic event. 

The mayor said that the funeral might be organized in the village according to his family’s wishes. Locals remember Motco as an extraordinary young man. Motco was working at the Political Affairs department, in the UN office at Mazar I Sharif, Romania’s Foreign Affairs ministry spokesperson Doris Mircea declared for the newspaper. She added that Filaret had an impressive international career in the international organizations field.  

In the same vein, Evenimentul Zilei focuses on the events that triggered the violence in Afghanistan, caused by American pastor Terry Jones who condemned the Koran and burnt it in a public ceremony. He declared himself an enemy of Islam. His critics warned him that his gestures might have unpredictable consequences. 

And they were right because less than two weeks after Jones’s gesture, at least 14 people including 7 employees of the UN office were killed by violent Muslim protesters. Among the victims was also Romanian Filaret Motco.  

Elsewhere in the news today, a group of companies producing alcohol, suspected of fiscal evasion of 250 million euro was helped by Democratic Liberal deputies William Branza and Adrian Gurzau, Romania libera reads. The two deputies are members in the Committee for Abuses of the Chamber of Deputies. 

Gurzau lead together with Branza a parliamentary investigation after Euroavipo complained about the Agriculture Ministry’s plans to shut production of a drink because in the technological process, the company supposedly used chemical substances. Branza attempted, through an amendment to drop excises that Euroavipo was supposed to pay for the same drink. The intervention of deputies ended with the company free to produce the drink without paying excises worth 10.5 million euro, a debt just for six months of 2010.  

The company, Euroavipo has enormous debts to the state from the production of alcoholic drinks. The state was not able to recover any of the debts so far.  

Evenimentul Zilei raises a hot topic in Romania, related to the discrimination against Roma and successfully integrated Roma who fear to reveal their origins. This year, authorities will organize a census of the Roma population, but few reveal their true origin. 500,000 Roma are integrated officially but the numbers are three times higher.  

The newspaper reveals that story of Romanian actress Alina Serban who overcame her fear and, in a one woman show, reveals for the first time her Roma origin and is proud of it. In the play, Alina talks about her childhood, marked by poverty and discrimination. She reveals that her biggest dream was to become Romanian. 

Romania libera reads about the decision of the Azerbaijan state company to enter the European market by purchasing in North Romania a company in debts with several gas stations in North Romania. SOCAR is one of the most important oil companies in Romania who worth of 20 billion dollars places it on 68th position in the biggest companies of the world top.

The newspaper reads that the curious transaction might be partially explained by the excellent location of the gas stations. However, experts say that the same gas stations were offered to be sold to OMV and Lukoil who declared because of their bad position.

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