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What the newspapers say: April 6, 2011

de A.C.
Miercuri, 6 aprilie 2011, 10:07 English | Press Review

Most newspapers on Wednesday read about a cold blooded murder committed by a Romanian in Spain who after the murder showed the body of the pregnant woman he killed online to his father. Another newspaper makes the profile of the young man who worked illegally in Spain. Romania’s Foreign Affairs minister Teodor Baconschi conducts an official visit to France, but can he patch things up again? Last but not least, Romania, a heaven for Lebanese hunters precisely because it lacks a perfect infrastructure.  

All newspapers today read about the cold blooded murder committed by Romanian Marcu Dorel who murdered, in Spain, his pregnant girlfriend in front of their other three year old child and then showed his father, in Romania, through a webcam the dead body.  

Gandul reads that his father, shocked, alerted the Romanian police who at their turn alerted the Spanish once. In just 45 minutes, the Spanish police arrested the 21 year old man. The couple also had a three year old daughter who was in the house when the incident happened but she was retrieved by the victim’s family who lives in Spain also.  

Local Spanish police claim that the whole thing started from jealousy, as the man suspected the woman, who was pregnant that she was not carrying his child.  

Evenimentul Zilei writes about Marcu Dorel, the 21 year old murderer who terrified his relatives with images sent via the webcam. The newspaper reveals some photos posted by the young man on social networks that portray a confused young man, without education.  

Their neighbours in Spain say that the young man had trouble finding a job lately and said that the girlfriend was unhappy. 

Romania libera notes Romania Foreign Affairs minister’s visit to France and wonders whether he will be able to patch things up with France. His visit is aimed at loosen relations with France and the two parties will have a long list of subjects to cover for which a common point of view is hard to find.  

In just two days, Baconschi will meet four French officials – Foreign Affairs minister Alain Juppe, European Affairs minister Laurent Wauquiez, Interior minister Claude Gueant and Jean Francois Cope, the governing party’s general secretary. Moreover, Bacnschi will also meet representatives of industries. 

Despite the problems that exist at a political level, France’s economic importance for Romania should not be underappreciated. In 2007 France was the third biggest commercial partner of Romania after Germany and Italy. In 2009 the commercial exchanges between the two countries amounted to 3757.66 million euro.  

Romania libera reads that Romania is a heaven for Libyan hunters who are attracted by the dense woods, the Danube Delta and a authentic culture of hunting. Former Lebanese minister Farez Boueiz one of the first foreign officials to visit Romania after the break of Communism said he was amazed by Romania’s geographic wealth.  

For Boueiz, Romania is the perfect hunting place: hunting is organized but they are not yet so developed as to lose their wild character. He says that the animals are wild and one had to have real experience to be able to catch something.  

Lebanese Commerce Bank President Maurice Sahnaoui says that he prefers Romania to other European countries because of its unique climate and the richness of hunting. He praises the wild side of the Romanian hunts.

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