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What the newspapers say: April 8, 2011

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Vineri, 8 aprilie 2011, 10:04 English | Press Review

Annually, 200,000 Europeans are killed by dust and Romania does not respect the quality of air standards in 15 of the 21 areas across the country. Emil Cioran’s manuscripts, bought by George Brailoiu, who says he plans to donate them to the state. Romania’s Foreign Affairs minister proposed UMP’s general secretary a collaboration protocol with PDL. At the European Championships, three Romanians gymnasts managed to secure 6 chances for medals. Last but not least Romanian authorities lost Dinel Staicu, former SIF Oltenia tycoon who fled one day before entering prison.  

Gandul reads on Friday that dust kills annually 200,000 Europeans, more specifically dust composed of particles smaller than 10 microns called PM10. Such particles are generated also naturally by volcanoes, storms, vegetation burns but also by human activity in the industry, traffic, household heating etc.  

Such particles can provoke pulmonary cancer, early death or other cardio diseases. Therefore, the European Union established air quality standards in an attempt to limit maximum dust concentrations. In Romania, 15 out of 21 areas exceed EU standards and the EU considers that Romania did not take any environmental measures necessary to limit pollution with PM10. If the country does not repair the situation, EU can sue us and risk sanctions worth tens even hundreds of millions of euro.  

All newspapers on Friday reveal the name of the individual who bought all of Cioran’s manuscripts, on sale at an auction in Paris. Evenimentul Zilei reads that the buyer is Romanian George Brailoiu, owner of KDF Energy company. The newspaper reads that he plans to donate all documents, worth 405,000 euro to the Romanian state. He said he admires Cioran and that he considers it natural to buy everything and make sure that his personal belongings will be part of the national patrimony.  

Gandul reads that Romania’s Foreign Affairs minister Teodor Baconschi declared on Tuesday that he proposed to the UMP secretary general (Sarkozy’s party) to sign a collaboration protocol with the Romanian Democratic Liberal Party considering that both are part of the European Popular’s.  

Baconschi said that the two parties have common views on European affairs and that collaboration between the two is a natural step. He said it is a standard protocol that all political parties part of the same political family set up.  

Romania libera reads about the qualifications of Romanian gymnasts at the European Championships in Berlin where three of our gymnasts secured their changes to win six medals. Sandra Izbasa, Diana Chelaru and Amelia Racea entered the finals of several categories.  

After Nicolae Popa, Omar Hayssam and others sentenced to many years of prison, Romanian authorities managed to lose Dinel Staicu, former SIF Oltenia tycoon who was sentenced on April 4th to seven years of prison, Romania libera reads. The following day, Staicu was not to be found and he was declared a fugitive. Meanwhile, authorities found out that Staicu changed his name in Dinel Nutu and on April 7th the court issued an international lookout for Dinel Nutu.  

The newspaper attempts to point fingers at those who allowed Staicu to flee: to the court for not issuing an interdiction to leave the country, to the Romanian Intelligence services for not knowing his plans to change names and for the local Craiova city hall for allowing a change of name based on an unlawful reason.

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