Most newspapers on Friday read about the royal wedding in London between Prince William and Kate Middleton which they will text live today. The royal wedding has increased revenues of tourism agencies in Romania. PM Boc announced that he is consulting with the President on the nomination for the Labour ministry. Also in politics, the law on the statute of minorities expected by the Hungarian Democrats has been blocked to the dissatisfaction of the Hungarian Democrats. Charlie Chaplin’s nephew to host a show in Bucharest.

All newspapers on Friday read about the royal wedding in London, which they will transmit live text today. Besides the media frenzy, the royal wedding has also brought considerable higher revenues to tourism companies and airliners in Romania. Tourist experts talk about a 15% increase of the demand for London in this period except for the approximate 1000 tourists that travel monthly to London.

However, there are still free tickets for today to London but the price of the tickets exceeds 1000 euro at some transports companies. There were many Romanians who wanted to catch a live glimpse of the royal procession this Friday and those who reserved in January, February paid 450 euro/ person for a pack including the ticket and five nights with breakfast included at a three star hotel.

In politics today, PM Boc announces that consultations with the President on the new Labour minister continue, Gandul reads. He said that when they will have a name they will announce it but until then, they are considering possible solutions. President Basescu declared on Wednesday that if the PM had proposed a suitable name, he would have signed the decree.

The President announced that the interim period of the PM can be extended to 45 days.

Also in politics, Evenimentul Zilei reads about the dissatisfaction of the Hungarian Democrats as the law on the statute of minorities is blocked in the Human Rights Committee in the Chamber of Deputies. Hungarian Democrats leader Kelemen Hunor said that the Democratic Liberals have until June to pass this law otherwise there will be problems, referring to the possibility that the party might leave the government leaving Democratic Liberals without majority in the Parliament.

However, Hunor did not want to name any possible options of the Hungarian Democrats and said that there is still time for the law to be passed until June. Even though the governing coalition has majority in the Human Rights Committee, the project has not been raised since March 2nd.

Romania libera reads about the show of James Thierree, Charlie Chaplin’s nephew. Thierree will have three representations in Bucharest in a show known worldwide, Raoul.