Romanians trust most the institution of marriage, church and eco organizations, a recent survey reveals. Liberal leader Crin Antonescu strengthens his position in the party by eliminating those who do not sustain him from the party management. The IMF has no solution for the anomalies of CFR, the national railway company. Portuguese company Martifer made a 93 million euro investment in a factory in Lehliu, a 7000 people city. Foreign tourists seem more interested by Romania.

Gandul quotes a Trusted Brands study conducted by Reader’s Digest that reveals Romanians trust the institutions of marriage, Church and eco organizations. According to the study, 81% of the Romanians believe in marriage while 72% take the Church as the most important institution. 65% of the Romanians believe in eco organizations while 64% in the internet and 46% in international companies.

The study reveals that the trust of Romanians in banks decreased to 29% compared to a similar analysis in 2010 when 43% trusted the banks. When it comes to professions, Romanians believe that firefighters are most credible (92%), pilots (91%) and pharmacists with 86%.

Politicians get a 2% credibility from those surveyed.

In politics, Evenimentul Zilei reads that in the last two years, Liberal leader Crin Antonescu has consolidated its position as leader of the party by eliminating, one by one those opposing him and promoting his supporters in the party’s management. The newspaper reads that Antonescu made a new move this Tuesday promoting his closest adviser Eduard Hellvig as general secretary, the second most important position in the party.

In the last two years, Antonescu managed to isolate leaders like former PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Teodor Melescanu, Ludovic Orban and even Varujan Vosganian.

Romania libera reads that the debt of the national railway company, CFR, of 486 million euro cannot be resolved as the IMF has no solutions to this anomaly, the general director of the Utilities Companies in Energy Silvia Vlasceanu said. She said that the debts of the national company to energy producers increased from January to May to 2 billion lei.

A decision will have to be made because debts are continuing to increase, Vlasceanu said.

Elsewhere in the news, Portuguese company Martifer made the biggest investment in Romania in vegetable oil in the South East European region and the second as size in Europe, Evenimentul Zilei reads. The company invested 93 million euro at Lehliu Gara, a city with less than 7000 people South Romania.

This is the biggest project set up in Romania in 2011 and the biggest investment in the sector in the region. About 1.5% of the value of the investment will be transferred to the city’s budget when the factory is ready which the local mayor promises to invest in infrastructure. The only facility the Portuguese received was that they paid a symbolic price for the land.

Last but not least, tourists are more interested by Romania, Evenimentul Zilei reads. In the first months of this year Romania has been visited by 1.12 million tourists a 13.2% increase compared to the same period, last year.

Tourists spent, on average, two nights in accommodations. Romanian tourists represented 78.1% of the check in numbers and foreign tourists 21.9%. Most foreign tourists come from Europe and 59.8% of them from the EU member states.