All newspapers today read about tomorrow’s Democratic Liberal Congress and the last chance of the two main counter candidates for the presidency of the party to make their moves. Elsewhere in the news, Romania qualified in the Eurovision’s finals. Hungary assures that talks on reforming Schengen have no influence on Romania’s adhesion. Transylvania Tourism Fair starts today at Brasov with early booking offers for internal and external destinations.

All newspapers on Friday read about tomorrow’s Democratic Liberal Party Convention where a decision regarding the new president of the party will be made. A day before the convention, the two main countercandidates, incumbent Emil Boc and Vasile Blaga count their results of their internal campaign strategy.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that incumbent Boc is backed by most chief of organizations and has the full support of the President of the country. Boc talked about the government movements he plans to do once he wins the internal elections that would improve the party’s position for the upcoming general elections.

Vasile Blaga countered the attacks of his adversary with a message centered on the party that needs a break of the rhythm to relaunch in the future elections. The replies to the attacks were left to his supporters.

In the same vein, Romania libera reads that the President is scheduled to hold a speech at the National Convention of the Democratic Liberals in which he is expected to sustain PM Boc. However, this is to no surprise since Basescu talked highly about Boc on various occasions.

Gandul reads about Romania’s qualification in the Eurovision finals together with Estonia, Moldova, Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Austria, Ukraine, Slovenia and Sweden. The first wave of finalists was chosen on Tuesday: Hungary, Serbia, Russia, Lithuania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Switzerland, Finland and Iceland. Romania libera assures that talks about reforming Schengen have no influence over Romania’s adhesion.

A separate talk will be dedicated to the two countries, Hungarian Interior minister Pinter said. German Interior minister Hans Peter Friedrich declared yesterday about Romania and Bulgaria’s adhesion to Schengen that it will be easier to accept the two countries if a temporary suspension clause would be introduced.

The clause will offer the possibility of a Schengen member to temporary close up its borders if it does not manages to secure its borders. Brussels diplomats claim that this argument makes sense and the two processes – reform of Schengen and Romania and Bulgaria’s adhesion – correlated.

Evenimentul Zilei announces the Transylvania Tourism Fair at Brasov, central Romania, that plans to promote among visitors, early booking offers for external and internal destinations alike. This is the fourth edition of the fair, meant to offer a new perspective to tourism in Romania.