Czech Republic and Austria remove suspect cucumbers that affected over 200 people and killed 10 people in Germany. Romania was avoided by killer cucumbers, according to officials. Traffic police officers cash in daily 20,000 euro in fines. European Commission investigates Timisoara Airport, West Romania and its contracts with Wizz Air.

The deadly bacteria that took so many lives in Germany spreads to Europe, Gandul reads. The epidemic caused by a rare E coli virus 0104 E coli spread to other European countries including Denmark and Sweden. The source of infection is most probably coming from cucumbers from Spain.

On Thursday, May 26 seven Danish citizens were infected with the virus that claimed 270 lives in Germany. Evenimentul Zilei reads that the contaminated cucumbers were withdrawn from the market in Czech Republic, Hungary. The newspaper reads that Romania does not import them, which means it is not affected. The newspaper reads that the bacteria spread to Great Britain, Austria, Luxembourg, Hungary.

Currently Spain ceased exports and started a series of investigations to set the source of the greatest bacterial epidemic that hit Europe. Romanian authorities claim there is no need to worry because Romania did not receive the lots of cucumbers from Spain that were infected. Romania has no problems because we export cucumbers, Agriculture ministry state secretary said.

Gandul reads traffic police officers cash in daily 20,000 euro from fines for speeding tickets on the National Road, linking Bucharest to West Romania. The newspaper reads that the value of the average fines is 180 lei which means that on average police officers cash in 20,000 euro daily.

The money, the newspaper reads, go to local authorities.

The European Commission is investigating at Timisoara’s airport to establish whether price discounts awarded by the airport to some airline companies affect the competition, Romania libera reads.

Transports minister Anca Boagiu said that it sustains the efforts of the European Commission. Wizz Air wanted to move its business from Timisoara’s airport to Arad, nearby. Negotiations were conducted but no understanding was reached and Wizz Air preferred to operate from Timisoara but the European Commission believes that the airline company was favored by Timisoara.

There are suspicions that agreements between Timisoara airport and Wizz Air might offer Wizz Air an economic advantage in the detriment of other companies. The European Commission received a contract of marketing signed between Wizz Air and Timisoara airort in 2008 which stipulates that the airline company receives supplementary discounts of 72% to 85% of airport taxes.

Also, Wizz Air is accused of not paying airport taxes worth 2.6 million euro to the Airport in Timisoara. Transports minister Anca Boagiu supports the investigation and says that she will take all measures needed if the investigation will reveal that the management took improper actions.