E.coli bacteria hides in Romania as well, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Next year’s local elections seem to have influenced the inter-ethnic peace in Transylvania, central Romania in politics. Elsewhere in the news, one newspaper reads that just one part of the containers arriving in Romania are checked in Constanta, the rest are checked nearby Bucharest. Interior ministry informs its employees that they will receive 30% cut salaries if there will be no lay offs. Dolphins in the Black Sea are on the verge of extinction.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that Spanish tomatoes are to be found in Romanian markets and up to a month ago, Romanians could also buy cucumbers. In Romania, in the big markets, one can hardly find cucumbers. All cucumbers are Romanian and do not present any danger, authorities claim.

However, the newspaper reads that Spanish tomatoes are a risk in Romania. Tomatoes are mostly imported. Ministry officials claim that even on the black market it is impossible to find cucumbers from Spain.

Romania libera reads that in the eve of the local elections which are to be organized next year, local politicians in Transylvania, central Romania have started quarrelling. The newspaper reads that PSD Mures decided to withdraw its representatives from the county administration following the decision of the Romanian region dominated by the Hungarian minority to create a Representation office in Brussels.

In Cluj, central Romania Hungarian Democrats boycotted the meeting of the county council lead by PDL representative Alin Tise.

Elsewhere in the news, Evenimentul Zilei reads that most containers with merchandise that enter through the Port of Constanta are actually checked by internal customs, mostly those nearby Bucharest. Just a part of the hundreds of containers that enter the country are checked by customs in the Port of Constanta.

Most of them are checked where companies have their headquarters in the country. Because of this, the newspaper reads, the persons investigated in the corruption case at the Port of Constanta are just a branch of an extended network.

Gandul reads about the declarations of the Interior minister Traian Igas who said that if the massive lay offs planned will not be implemented, all employees will receive a 30% cut in their salary in December. The announcement comes after the draft law ruling massive lay offs in the Interior ministry failed to pass in the Chamber of Deputies which was the decisive chamber for the draft. Previously, the project was also rejected in the Senate.

Following this situation, PM Boc requested alternatives to restructure the ministry. The ministry had plans to lay off 18,000 employees in 2011 in two stages for lack of funds.

Romania libera reads that dolphins in the Black Sea are on the verge of extinction now that in the last weeks 129 dolphins were found dead on the shores. Oceanic Club organization said that they are investigating whether it is a disease causing the deaths or they were drowned when caught in fishing nets.