Businessman Dinu Patriciu, who is known for financing the Liberal Party was invited by PNL leader Crin Antonescu to leave the party. Germans changed their minds: the killer cucumbers come from Netherlands or Denmark. Mamaia is the first Romanian seaside resort with an online reservation system. Sting, Scorpions, Alice Cooper, Tiesto are just a few names to appear on the Bucharest stage in June.

Businessman Dinu Patriciu, who is known for financially helping the Liberal Party was invited by the party leader to leave, Evenimentul Zilei reads. The newspaper presents the reasons for the break up between the one who made Antonescu PNL party leader and the party leader himself.

The newspaper reads that the attacks launched by the newspaper owned by Patriciu against Antonescu’s wife determined the former to invite Patriciu to find himself another party. Apparently the businessman is upset because Antonescu did not offer Patriciu a VP position in the party as promised.

Contacted by the newspaper Patriciu refused to comment his disagreements with Antonescu.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that Germans have changed their minds after blaming Spanishcucumbers for the deaths in Germany. The source of the bacteria might be cucumbers, tomatoes or lettuces from Netherlands or Denmark. Meanwhile, the deadly bacteria is unstoppable since its exact origin is not determined. Except for the 15 dead Germans, yesterday a woman from Sweden passed away who recently arrived from Germany.

Over 1000 Europeans including Danish, Swedish, Austrians, Czechs, Englishmen and Dutch were affected by the E.Coli bacteria and doctors are expecting many more deaths in the upcoming period because the bacteria spread from human to human also. Romanian authorities took samples from Romanian markets and supermarkets to determine whether there is any danger.

Results will be released today.

Mamaia becomes the first seaside resort in Romania that offers tourists and tourism agencies the possibility to make online reservations with an option to check availability and receive confirmation on the spot on The new option is that one can purchase tourism packages on the internet, from hotels without the need of intermediaries.

All hotel categories will be available, from 2 starts to 5 starts. Gandul reads about a few legendary names to perform in Bucharest this month like Sting, on June 6 and Alice Cooper on June 14. Scorpions perform on June 9 while Al Bano on June 12 and Tiesto on June 18.