Bulgaria plans to build a radioactive spills deposit at the border with Romania. Sulfina Barbu might be proposed today for the Labour ministry by the Prime Minister. National Fiscal Administration officials will start hunting untaxed wealth. Asian mob, the official cover of smugglers in Constanta.

Gandul announces the plans of Bulgarian officials to build a radioactive spill deposit at the border with Romania, 4 km away from the Danube. The newspaper reads that there will be a public debate at the Bechet City Hall, Dolj county on July 7th. Romania’s Environment ministry released to public debate until June 30, the report on the impact on the environment of the project planned by the Bulgarian state company SE RAW.

There are several chapters, translated in Romanian from the report of the Bulgarians. Romanians are invited to send observations and justified comments on the documents. Bulgarian authorities claim that Romanian authorities did not send an agreement on the construction of the deposit and this is mandatory for such cases.

Evenimentul Zilei quotes governmental sources claiming that PM Boc will name Sulfina Barbu as new Labour minister. Contacted by the newspaper, Barbu says she does not know anything and said that when she will be offered such a position she will decide whether to accept it or not. Boc said that he needs to talk with members of the party, obtain the support of the new person to occupy the position and obtain the approval of the President.

Boc said that the new minister needs to continue the harsh policies undertaken by the government and from this point of view, Botis was very good.

Elsewhere in the news, Interior minister Traian Igas in an interview for Evenimentul Zilei said that he will reorganize the system by eliminating 100 positions and 20 director positions from the ministry. Igas said that union leaders have salaries of over 4000 euro and drive expensive cars.

He said that in the last years the ministry hired too many people, because there was no correlation between the Police Academy and the needs of the Ministry. He said that from now on, the Police Academy will open its doors only for as many people needed by the Interior Ministry.

The National Fiscal Administration officials will start hunting untaxed wealth, Romania libera reads. The newspaper explains that those with revenues exceeding 50,000 lei declared sums will pay a supplementary tax. Those very rich will be investigated by a special department within the administration.

According to the chief, Sorin Blejnar, the target will be about 200 to 300 people especially company owners who did not include their revenues in the company’s books. Controls will start next year after the department will be operating but meanwhile authorities might even confiscate wealth acquired illegally if that President Basescu’s modifications of the Constitution will pass.

Romania libera reads that the Vietnamese Businessmen Association was the cover for leaders of an organized crime network suspected of prosecutors for illegally smuggling from Romania 600 million dollars. One of the leaders, Hoa Le Duc has connections with the heads of the Romanian justice system, the newspaper reads.

Le Duc together with two other partners imported illegally, without paying any taxes, merchandise from China, Vietnam and Honk Kong. Merchandise was sold, illegally in Bucharest and the money was taken out of the country in cash. The newspaper presented, yesterday the connections between Le Duc and the family of Judge Georgeta Barbalata from the Higher Court of Justice and with the family of prosecutor Gheorghe Girbea from Ploiesti.