Politicians and former intelligence officers involved in fuel trafficking. Romania’s President to meet British PM David Cameron during his visit in Great Britain. Romanian cucumber producers complain that they are losing 9 million euro due to E.coli bacteria. A BBC coverage claims Romanians living in rural areas even though poor know how to enjoy life. Europeans discover Romania on their bikes.

Romania libera reads on Monday about the involvement of politicians and former intelligence officers in fuel smuggling. The black market represents 30% of GDP and the great shadowy businesses have the protection of the political and the judiciary, the newspaper reads.

The newspaper releases a series of investigations on the sectors most affected by fiscal evasion. Today, it tackles the fuel trafficking which brings each year damages to the country of 2 billion euro. The newspaper reads that the sum equals the gap in the pensions budget.

The black economy is estimated at 40 billion euro annually and Romania could have managed the crisis with just half of this money, without any foreign loan.

Evenimentul Zilei reads Romania’s President will meet today British PM David Cameron in his visit to Great Britain. Some of the subjects tackled will be encouraging British investments in Romania, Europe’s economic situation, the development of the strategic partnership between the two countries and the lift of labor restrictions for Romanians on the British market.

The President will have meetings with the British PM, businessmen and representatives of the Romanian diaspora. Last year Romania marked 130 years since diplomatic relations were set with London.

Gandul reads Romanian cucumber producers complain that they are losing 9 million euro due to E.coli bacteria. The Romanian Agriculture ministry seeks solutions from the European Commission to find ways to compensate the Romanian producers. According to estimates, total losses incurred after one day of no exports amount to 100,000 euro.

This is the equivalent of the 160 tons of cucumbers exported daily to Germany and Czech Republic. Romanian producers export to Poland and Moldova 500 tons of cucumbers/day. Officials say sales on the internal market dropped by 70% in the last period and the demand continues to drop significantly.

A BBC coverage about rural Romania claims Romanians living there even though poor they did not forget how to enjoy life, Gandul reads. BBC report viewed a local field party in South West Romania which happens every year when the sheep give milk for the first time in spring. The journalist reads that even though conditions are tough, people enjoy life.

Romania libera readsthat European tourists who prefer to travel by bike want an active holiday. Europe has 12 bike routes from North to South and from East to West. One of the most important is Euro – Velo 6 that starts in Germany, to Austria across Hungary through Serbia and Croatia and then follows the Danube to the Romanian Danube Delta.

In Romania bike tourism is still underdeveloped but there are some who take it seriously and who created 40 bike routes in eight years in the Banat Mountains, West Romania. The association, Bike Attak gathers people passionate about mountain biking and they are frequently contacted by foreigners who want to take a tour on their bike routes.

An Austrian company offered even to have all the routes on a GPS after the association had some unpleasant situations where their indicators were stolen. They claim that no other Romanian company offered to help them out. Most routes have 40 km length and there are some of 80 km or other shorter of 12km.