One newspaper reveals the story behind the Church’s pact with the internet, where people can send messages online, pay donations for the priest to pray for your soul. Rich Roma people nearby Bucharest have been depleted of over 500,000 euro by four men disguised in police officers. Former Education minister Andronescu received financing from the Education ministry for three research projects. Life in the Romanian countryside, improved by a German. Those in Bucharest can enjoy free rides with the boat in Herastrau.

Gandul reads about the Church’s deal with the internet: people can pay online for being mentioned by the priest in the Church: 1 euro/day or 24 euro/month. The monastery where you wish to be mentioned will receive the request in an email and the priest will read the message in the church, priests from the three religious institutions that appear on the website told the newspaper.

The Patriarchy does not agree with such initiatives that speculate commodity. Donations from people need to be willingly and the religious service should not be conditioned on a sum of money. The modern solution can be helpful for monasteries isolated where requested via mail are rare but also for Romanians living abroad who wish to strengthen their faith.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about the rich Roma families in Sintesti, nearby Bucharest where they built golden palaces and have expensive cars who now claim they have been vandalized by four men dressed in police officers who took from them more than 500,000 euro.

Officially, there are three businessmen in the area that were robbed by a group of four men disguised in police officers but unofficially people talk about other robberies that they did not report. People in the area claim that two of the four men are actual police officers that work in the area.

Dorel Mihai lost 200,000 euro and said that most probably he was followed from the bank. He said that when returning from the bank with the money, his car was stopped by two other cars and four men, in police suits claimed they are looking for drugs but fled with the money.

The Roma living in Sintesti have made a lot of money back in the 90s when they were allowed to make transactions with iron products, collected more or less legally from various places. Now, Dorel said that he is collecting 1,000 tons per month nowadays and earns at least 300,000 euro per month.

Romania libera reads that former Education minister Ecaterina Andronescu received a half a million lei financing from her former subordinates in the ministry. Andronescu was minister of Education from December 22, 2008 to September 30, 2009. When named minister, she directed three research projects and was dean of the Polytechnic University in Bucharest. The projects were ongoing and money was released in stages, including when Andronescu was minister.

Experts claim that the situation is not normal and to not break the law, a minister should withdraw from a project financed from the state budget, otherwise there is evidence that the minister broke the law, having a conflict of interest. On the other hand, Andronescu claims that the law rules that any minister can hold activities or positions in the research or education sector.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that a German journalist renovated with money from various foundations a 100 year old mill that became a tourist attraction. He moved to Romania after he married a Romanian he met in Germany. In seven years, he managed to restore an old mill with an engine built in the 20th century at Budapest.

Jochen is visited by many foreign tourists, especially German ones who want to know more about the life in the Romanian countryside and healthy eating.

Romania libera reads the Bucharest municipality offers the possibility to enjoy a boat ride in Herastrau park, the biggest in the capital city. The boats are available from 10 am to 8 pm daily. Authorities even offered free rides in the weekends.