All newspapers on Wednesday read about the first paid killing between husband and wife in Romania in the last 20 years. In Romania, over 800 children are sent to prison and re-education centers and a UNICEF report reveals that over 81% of the felonies of minors were for material gains. Last but not least plant drugs one step closer to be forbidden.

All newspapers on Wednesday read about a lawyer, Victor Teodorescu from Brasov central Romania who is accused of paying for his wife’s killing to cash in her life insurance. The case is a first in Romania in the last 20 years prosecutors said. Gandul reads that Teodorescu was accused of paying Erwin Victor Presmereanu, a 21 year old man for killing his wife, on account of a 60,000 euro debt the latter’s mother had to the lawyer.

The wife, Violeta Teodorescu, aged 45 was found dead in her house on March 29. She was stabbed in the neck 25 times and had 15 wounds at her head. The case was taken over by the Higher Court of Justice in Bucharest to avoid any clash of interests. The newspaper reads that the couple had a 21 year old daughter.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that the killer claimed he was innocent and refused to offer any details on the murder. Prosecutors said that the criminal finally admitted his murder.

Romania libera reads that over 800 children in Romania are sent to prisons or re-education centers, mostly accused of drug trafficking. Most of them come from shattered families, with alcoholic parents or relatives that have been to jail. Plant drugs are also a reason for their outbreaks and stealing.

In an interview for the newspaper, professor Radulescu who has been teaching in re-education centers for 40 years now says that professors need patience and need to understand child psychology very well in order to succeed. He says that few professors make it more than two years in such a center.

In re-education centers, children are integrated back to schools or attend educational and sports programs or even in some cases get the skills for a new job. Due to lack of skills, studies or possibilities to earn a living when they are set free most youngsters do not make it too long before they become clients of adult jails.

Just one or two is integrated back in society in a generation. The percentage could be even higher if they could be specialized in up to date jobs and if they could break away from the environment that sent them there in the first place.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that legal plant drugs are one step closer from being forbidden as the Senate passed the law forbidding ethnobotanical products. The project, initiated by the government passed in the Senate with 102 votes for and 1 abstain, shows.

If the project passes in the Chamber of Deputies also, a series of tough conditions will be introduced for authorizing such shops selling plant drugs. Moreover, one of the ruling reads that if one of the users dies after consuming plant drugs from one shop the owner will be sentenced with jail from 10 to 20 years.

The draft law reads that authorities can organize at any moment searches and can withdraw the merchandise from such shops as they see fit, if there are suspicions that they endanger the life.