The European tour of the Chinese PM Wen Jiabao started in Budapest and demanded the development of economic relationships between China and Central Eastern European states. Hungarian Democrats refuse the two options put forward by the President and push for a postponement of talks. Labour minister Lazaroiu claims that the new map of Romania will be ready by local elections next year. Romanian writer Norman Manea, celebrated at New York.

Romania libera reads about the tour of the Chinese Prime Minister, Wen Jiabao that started at Budapest, an occasion where the Chinese PM demanded the development of the economic relationships with China and Central and Eastern European states. His statements assured that China will continue to stand for the European currency and was well received by European leaders that are fighting to maintain the trust level in European finances. It is also a sign that China might diversity its international financial reserves, the newspaper reads.

The visit might also bring about some unexpected benefits for Romania as well, the newspaper reads. Hungarian PM Bela Glattfelder said in an interview for China Daily that China should consider investing in Romanian ports, at Constanta and Galati that are used by Hungarian exporters as well.

Elsewhere in the news, Hungarian Democrats refuse the two options put forward by their governing partners, the Democratic Liberals, regarding regionalization Romania libera reads. The Hungarian Democrats claim that the subject should be removed from the daily agenda of the governmental coalition.

The Hungarian Democrats claim that talks on the administrative reorganization need to be postponed if the Democratic Liberals want to maintain the governing coalition. Hungarian Democratic leader Kelemen Hunor said that Romania’s credibility would be ruined in the eyes of the international financial institutions.

He said that his party does not want to initiate a political crisis and said that this issue should be removed from daily talks. Hunor was clear in saying that his party will not accept solutions that would split the Hungarian Democrats and which are not supported by the Hungarian community.

In the same time, Labour minister Sebastian Lazariu said that the refusal of the Hungarian Democrats to accept the proposals will not mean that the Democratic Liberals will give up their plans. He said, quoted by Gandul that by the 2012 local elections there will be at least decentralization.

He said that the Hungarian Democrats will endorse the decentralization stage at least considering that they have been urging for decentralization for some time now.

Last but not least, Evenimentul Zilei reads that Romanian writer Norman Manea is celebrated at New York by the Romanian Cultural Institute and Bard College on the 27th and 28th of June. The events will reunite a series of editors, professors and writers that will analyze and debate the works of Norman Manea.

Manea left Romania in 1986 after he already published 10 short story books. In 1989 he became a professor of European Cultural Studies at Bard College in New York and wrote about the Holocaust, exile or Communism. Manea won along his years several prizes and distinctions among which the Guggenheim Fellowship Award, Macarthur Award, known as the American Nobel and Prix Medicis Etranjer. His volumes have been translated in 20 languages and he was one of the most known Romanian writers abroad.