Even though Hungarian Democrats managed to postpone the project on territorial reorganization, the issue is not dead yet. Meanwhile, ministers will decide what to restructure in the territory. Two police officers at the Vama Veche customs, a Romanian and a Bulgarian were caught red handed receiving 70 euro. In politics, Bucharest district 5 mayor was sacked as leader of the Social Democrats Organization in Bucharest at the proposal of the PSD leader Victor Ponta.

All newspapers on Tuesday read that the territorial reorganization project has been postponed until September. However, the President made it very clear that the issue will not be buried and that it will be done one way or the other. Evenimentul Zilei reads that the President requested the Parliament to find a solution to let the country breath, not to be suffocated by county councils and local branches of governmental agencies.

Basescu said that the issue is not a lost cause even though there is no political consensus. He said that the measure is necessary. Hungarian Democrats accepted a back up plan of the Democratic Liberals: to reorganize decentralized regions on the current regions.

Current county councils would lose their judicial personality and become simple officers of the regions. Romania libera reads that until September, ministers will have to decide on the restructuring of local branches of governmental agencies and transfer their attributions to city halls.

A restructuring of local governmental agencies means budget cuts and a transfer of attributions to local city halls. However, politicians are more concerned with the first stage of the process, since the local governmental agencies were perfect places to pay off their political dues to local supporters by offering them a nice warm place.

It is expected that talks will stir up come controversy when representatives of the political parties, even the governing parties, realize the consequences Romania libera reads that two police officers at the Vama Veche customs, a Romanian and a Bulgarian citizen were caught red handed taking a 70 euro bribe.

Local anti graft prosecutor Camil Manea informed that around 9 PM an undercover officer presented at the customs to leave Romania to Bulgaria. According to him, the undercover officer had some irregularities that were fixed with a 70 euro bribe.The bribe was handed to the Bulgarian customs officer.

The Bulgarian officer tried to run when the operation was revealed.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that Marian Vanghelie, Bucharest district 5 mayor lost the leadership of the Social Democratic Party organization in Bucharest at the proposal of PSD leader Victor Ponta. The leadership of the organization will be lead on the pre-electoral period by a coordination office.

Ponta said that this was a strategic decision for the good of the party. He said that he will be the coordinating President of the new office.