Romania’s economic growth slowed down according to the IMF officials. Elsewhere in the news, Washington officials criticize Romanian authorities for lack of measures to decrease trafficking of people. Romania’s agricultural terrain decreased by 1.2 million acres in less than ten years according to the latest agricultural census 2010 -2011. Last but not least, a Romanian citizen was arrested in Cyprus for attempt of robbery.

Gandul quotes IMF chief of mission in Romania Jeffrey Franks saying that there are signs that the economic growth of the country slowed down in the second quarter, compared to the first one. The official said that the IMF expects a positive evolution of the GDP.

However, the official said that estimates for the year will not be modified. The decrease of budgetary spending is well received but the decrease of the sums for investment remains a problem, Franks said. Moreover, he said that he will analyze together with the authorities the economic implications of the territorial reorganization project. He said he still needs more data to express an opinion on the matter.

Elsewhere in the news, Romania libera reads that Washington officials criticized Romanian authorities for the lack of efficient measures to decrease persons trafficking. There were less investigations of cases, several shelters for such victims were closed and NGOs did not receive the necessary funds from the government.

The newspaper reads that Americans are appreciating the efforts to decrease such trafficking but most of the times the results did not raise to the level of expectations. The report reads that the state failed to offer NGOs funds which endangered the assistance for such persons.

Romania libera reads that 1 acre of 8 cannot be cultivated any more in Romania, according to a latest census in the sector. The agricultural terrains in Romania decreased by 1.2 million acres in less than ten years. The data is at least worrying for Agriculture ministry officials.

In 2003, a similar census revealed that there were 9.4 million acres of agricultural terrain and in less than 10 years it decreased to 8.2 million acres of land. Experts in the sector claim that the numbers are huge and it stands as testimony for the ease of the local mayors to remove from the agricultural use terrains.

Moreover, experts also blame the Agriculture ministry that does not have a clear regulation that rules how much of the agricultural land can be offered for constructions. Agriculture minister Valeriu Tabara said that on the long term, the ministry should stimulate the formation of farms.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that the young Romanian, aged 28 was arrested this weekend while attempting to rob a house in Nicosia. The newspaper, quoting the publication Famagusta Gazette reads that the police has another three files of robberies in the area and they are investigating the Romanians in those files also.