​Romanian President Traian Basescu said on Friday that a Dutch decision to oppose Romania' and Bulgaria's Schengen accession was an "abuse". "Romania has Albita [Eastern border point], they have Rotterdam. The gate for trafficked cigarettes, alcohol and drugs is not Albita", the Romanian head of state said in Brussels, where he attends the European Council.

Key statements made by Basescu on the issue:

  • The European Commission was shown that Romania and Bulgaria have complied with the law and the treaty
  • Netherlands is the one not complying with the treaty. It's an abuse on Netherland's part
  • Romania has Albita [Eastern border point]. They have Rotterdam
  • The gate for trafficked cigarettes, alcohol and drugs is not Albita
  • It wasn't Romania who legalized prostitution because it couldn't fight it. Romania fights prostitution as much as it's capable to.
  • It wasn't Romania who legalized drugs. Romania fights drug consumption as much as it's capable to.

According to a draft statement presented to EU leaders in Brussels on Thursday, Netherlands is under the pressure of its partners to allow the Schengen accession of Romania and Bulgaria. The document, quoted by AFP, says all terms were met to allow the adoption of a decision regarding the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to Schengen, and the Council should make the decision as soon as possible.

If necessary, the European Council will raise the issue again during the March 12 reunion, the document says.

The Dutch government is the only one in the EU blocking the accession of the two countries to Schengen, following a decision by Finland in November to drop its opposition in this regard.