Three Romanian couples were one step away from being burnt alive in their own home, in a fancy Naples neigborhood. A fire broke open in the building, Il Corriere del Ticino informs in its online edition. The Romanians awoke because of the smoke and managed to get out alive, although one of them was injured.

The fire was caused by an arsonist on Wednesday morning. Police refused to consider at first a xenophobic act, but admitted it when it found the offenders. The fire was started by three Naples youngsters, a 23-year old one and two minors. Being sure of the fact that the Romanians were responsible for a robbery, they decided to take Justice into their own hands.

Police officials said the Romanians are legally working in Italy for quite some years and are not responsible for the robbery. The three Italians are investigated at large, accused of grand arson and causing physical injuries.