Expelling 200,000 Romanians from Italy would be equal to „a deportation outside any legal frame”, says the Italian president, Giorgio Napolitano, in an interview for German daily Die Zeit, quoted by Antena 3. In the interview, Napolitano says that he will not accept such a solution, not as head of state, nor in a personal name.

Napolitano argued that many Romanians managed to integrate in the Italian society: „We have many Romanian immigrants who are well integrated and work well in various fields. The facts also matter, not only the words”.

„For example, in some regions in the North-Western Italy, we see a paradox. The immigrants there are essential for the economy, there is some prejudice regarding the immigration, but it’s a fact that immigrants are well-integrated, a lot better than in other regions”, added Napolitano.

The Italian president says that any opposition towards the growth of the foreign population in Italy must be fought. „An opened immigration policy must be maintained for workers needed in Italy. At the same time, we must fight the clandestine immigration and the human trafficking”, said Napolitano.