Romanian immigrants are still in the spotlight in Spain, as daily El Pais quoted by Romanian monitoring agency Rador extensively deals with migration effects. The Spanish government imposed a two year moratorium on workers from new member states starting with January 1, 2007 to avoid labor market disequilibrium if Romanians migrate in great numbers.

By the end of the year, Romanians and Bulgarians wishing to work in Spain need to fulfill the same requirements as immigrants from non-EU countries.

Some 505,670 Romanians left for Spain, setting up the largest ethnic community in the country. El Pais reads that if united, Romanians will form the seventh most populous city in Spain - and their number is expected to double within 10 months.

The El Pais report preceded the two-day visit paid to Spain by Romanian President Traian Basescu. His agenda on Tuesday includes talks with PM Jose Luis Zapatero on the situation of Romanians willing to work in Spain.

Daniel Tecu, the head of ADERE, an organization of Romanians living in Spain, asked President Basescu in a letter received by to support negotiations with Zapatero on lifting the moratorium limiting the access of Romanians on the Spanish labor market.