Spanish authorities intend to transform the Aragon desert in the most attractive European entertainment destination. The wasteland will see some 70 hotels, 32 casinos and 5 entertainment parks built until 2015. Even more, the "spare time resort" will also include museums and conference centers. Some 65,000 people will work in the new born locality.

The entire project will be financed through private funds, expenses being currently estimated at 17 billion euro. Investors expect 25 million visitors per year.

The local government in Aragon already signed a protocol with the “International Leisure Development” group. The group's general manager, Sebastien Tranchant, declared for "Le Figaro" that his company and the Spanish authorities intend to transform the desert into the largest tourists' destination in Europe.

On the other hand, Tranchant says that the project should not be compared to Las Vegas which is, he says, is a destination exclusively designed for gambling, due to its 130 casinos, while in Aragon there will be only 32. According to Tranchant, the works will begin in 2008, so that over 40% of the park would be available in 2010.