The one-year experience as a EU member state brought Romania some serious confrontations with Brussels. The first car registration tax, the improper functioning of the 112 emergency phone number and misleading advertising are only three of ten issues for which the European Commission opened infringement procedures against Romania this year.

European Commission representatives told that each procedure described on the web page of the Secretariat-General of the European Commission mentions the phase it has reached. All decisions that refer to Romania are dated 2007, that is, they count Romania as a EU member state.

A well-known infringement case refers to the application in Romania of a first car registration tax, seen by the Commission as an abuse of European law. Romanian media has also reported of other infringement procedures related to the malfunctioning system of the 112 emergency phone number and, more recently, of one regarding misleading advertising.

Other procedures included on the Secretariat-General website refer to carbon emissions monitoring, the protection of wild birds, reporting information on climate changes, sale of plant protection products, free movement of people, road transports.

The latest EC decisions on EU law breaches by Romania are dated December 11 this year.