The independence of Moldova is questioned by both the neighbors of the Republic and the far countries, said Gheorghe Sima, vice president of the Motherland Moldova Party, in an interview for the Regnum press agency. Sima made the statements as a reaction to the recent affirmation made by political science expert Ilia Galinski, manager of the Law and History Institute of the Transdniester University, who claimed that the only chance for Moldova is the union with Romania.

"Moldova's independence is seen in Bucharest as a nonsense", Sima added. "Moldova sees its right to equal sovereign development broken, the Moldovan language is considered as an artifact and there are voices saying that the Moldovan people has not the right to national identity. With the "aid" of Romanian brethren, Moldova sees a deepening religious tearing, legalized through the laws put up by a Communist regime in 2002, under European pressure", Sima added.

The politician also fears that the international recognition of the Transdniester independence may come as a result of Kosovo creating a precedent. Although Sima says that Moldova can not fight in any way such a recognition, the politician dreams of an expanding Moldova: "In the context of new borders being drawn in Europe, such an evolution seems quite real, a Moldova from the Carpathian mountains to the Black Sea may exist. Mainly taking into account that Moldova appeared long before Romania".