Four big infrastructure projects improving the water sector have been sent for Brussels approval, amounting to some 470 million euro. Other six projects are undergoing the same track, which, along with other successful programs, make Romanian Environment Minister Attila Korodi confident about structural and cohesion fund absorption at the beginning of 2008, as he says in an interview for euRopeanul.

The Romanian Environment Ministry overviews the Sectorial Operational Program for Environment which for the coming years manages some 4.5 billion euro European funds

During the first year of EU membership, when it comes to environment Romania faced problems especially with preparing major projects and with communication between local, regional and central authorities.

According to Attila Korodi, in 2008 the aim is to put an end to communication issues and launch a public campaign to inform citizens about the benefits of taking up European-funded projects.

He says that considering that the Operational Program for Environment provides allocations until December 2015, one can speak of an ideal EU fund absorption of about 600 million euro yearly in this sector.