The Venice Carnival opened up its gates this weekend with a central theme dedicated to the six human sensations. The motto of this year's manifestation is 'Romania in all senses, all senses in celebration' as a reaction to the disinformation campaign regarding Romanians in Italy in the second half of 2007.

The Venice city hall official in charge with the technical and artistic organization of the Carnival, Calogero Lo Giudice talked to about Romania's role in the 2008 carnival edition arguing that starting this year the Venice carnival will promote a certain country as part of a new cultural project. Thus, this year's special guest envisages Romania.

Giudice admits that the idea to set Romania under the Carnival's spotlight was intended to counteract any disinformation campaign against Romanians and Romania in general. Moreover, he adds that the City Hall had a very rewarding relationship with Romania's Cultural Institute in Italy and the idea was to open up the gates towards Eastern European countries.

Various Romanian artists from jazz players to theatre actors have been invited at the Carnival to present all faces of the Romanian culture, including the traditional one.