The correspondent in Rome interviews Immigration expert Antonio Ricci and presents some of the main problems emphasized in a volume he prepares. Thus, he points out that the findings of the 50 Romanian and Italian experts working at the book will analyze image aspects, accurate statistical data regarding the number of Romanian immigrants and their integration in the Italian society.

When prompted about the crime level among Romanian immigrants, Ricci said that, due to the high number or immigrants, a certain level of deliquency is normal. Moreover, he emphasized that Italian authorities can limit it properly and there is no need to incriminate the whole community.

Ricci revealed that in 2007, Romanian immigrants totalled 560,000 out of a total of 3,700,000 foreigners. As Romania joined the EU, another 60,000 to 100,000 Romanians joined their co-nationals in Italy. Ricci compared the data to those existent in Spain and found that Romanians in Spain amount to some 600,000 out of 4,000,000 foreigners.