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Half of Romanians abroad want back home - less than two years ago

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Marţi, 20 august 2019, 16:59 English | Regional Europe

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Some 47% of Romanians living abroad want to return to their country of origin, according to a study on Romanian diaspora ordered by RePatriot project and delivered by Open-I Research. The number is lower than that reported two years ago.

The study, based on answers from 1,810 repondents, says 73% of Romanian migrants wanting to return say "We want to be Home again". Of those 53% who would rather not return, the key reasons are corruption, the current political environment and mentality.

More precisely, 83% of them said the main reason for not wanting to return to Romania was corruption, with 72% naming the current political environment.

By 2016, 57% of Romanians abroad used to say they wanted to return.

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