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First Romanian EC director on what is killing Romanian administration work

de A.C.
Luni, 11 februarie 2008, 18:45 English | Regional Europe

Daniela Gheorghe - Marinescu is the only Romanian that managed to obtain a managing position within the European Commission. Her accomplishment comes as no Bulgarian candidate managed to get a similar position. Daniela Gheorghe is responsible for coordinating structural funds in the General Directorate for Fishing and Maritime Affairs.

In an interview for, she explained why it is so hard to reach such a position, saying that candidates must have a long experience in a given field.

She said that as compared to the experience of working in a managing position within the EU, procedures in Romania are far by perfect hierarchically, as the work load is high and very stressful. Moreover, she argues that what Romania lacks is a respect for the given rules and regulations.

She said that Romania will get to have a working system similar to that of the Commission when the government manages to promote a real change in the style of work, to put an end to the practice of orders "from upstairs" which is killing Romanian administration.

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