Romanian President Klaus Iohannis told British PM Boris Johnson on Tuesday that Romania's major priority when it comes to Brexit was protecting the interests of Romanian citizens in Britain.

Klaus IohannisFoto: Administratia Prezidentiala

The two discussed by phone at the request of the British part.

Iohannis said both European citizens in the UK and British citizens in EU 27 have to remain a priority with the purpose of reducing the negative effects on their lives as much as possible, no matter how negotiations evolve.

Boris Johnson told Iohannis that protecting the rights of Romanian citizens in the UK after Brexit was an important issue for the British government and that British authorities would make a priority of this objective.

When it comes to the rights of British citizens in Romania, Klaus Iohannis said their rights would be protected based on reciprocity with the rights of Romanian citizens in the UK.

On bilateral relations, Iohannis said that after Brexit it will be important to update and the strategic partnership between the two countries to cover both economic issues and security, defense and foreign affairs, a presidential press release said.