A final deal between the European Parliament and the Council for Romanian Laura Codruta Kovesi to take over as EU chief prosecutor has been announced. The LIBE Committee of the EP announced negotiators for the two bodies "just agreed" Tuesday that Kovesi will take over the new European job.


Following the agreement, LIBE Committee president Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar said in an EP press release that Kovesi was the perfect choice for the job as she had the necessary professional skills.

He also pointed out Romania did not hold any key seat at EU level and Kovesi would become one of the leading women of the Union.

The deal has to be formally approved by the Parliament and the Council.

The European Public Prosecutor's Office is expected to become operational by the end of 2020. It would be an independent body charged with investigating crimes affecting the EU buget such as fraud, corruption or cross-border VAT crime. 22 states have so far joined the project.

Kovesi, whom the Romanian Social Democratic (PSD) government opposed openly, has gained notoriety as head of the national anti-corruption prosecutor's office (DNA).