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Bundestag deputy speaker Susanne Kastner: Sole scope of Romanian Government is that the rich become richer 

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Marţi, 19 februarie 2008, 20:43 English | Regional Europe

Kastner and PM Tariceanu in better days gone
Foto: Rompres
The deputy speaker of the German Bundestag, Susanne Kastner, has harshly criticized in a press conference the Romanian Government for systematically blocking social projects, according to Deutsche Welle. She added that the "Flat Tax Tariceanu government" is ignoring  the social problems of its own country.

Kastner, who heads the parliamentary group for German-Romanian friendship, said that in her opinion Romania has successfully integrated in the European structures mainly due to the people of Romania who have suffered a lot to reach this target following the 1989 revolution. However, Kastner said that Romania was able to join the European Union and face its social problems mainly due to the involvement of non-governmental organizations.

She said that when she looked at what happens in Romania she would be tempted to believe that the only aim of the government is to provide the necessary conditions for the rich to become richer.

Volunteers from across Europe have visited Romania to redraw Romania's social system and created human conditions for children and homeless all over the country, Kastner declared.

The German politician pointed that European social funds cannot be accessed mainly due to the Government's lack of response in creating the necessary structures.

She thus urged Romanian authorities to cater for the needs of all its citizens, not only the rich. Moreover, Kastner appealed to German NGOs that are active in Romania to join her initiative to establish a confederation having as a main goal to lobby the Government to focus on its responsibilities towards citizens.

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