UN police forces were ordered to retreat from the Serbian part of Mitrovica after violent confrontations with Serbian protesters on Monday morning. Protesters used guns against UN forces and a grenade was launched at Mitrovica's tribunal injuring five people, three of which were soldiers of UN mission in Kosovo and two members of the KFOR forces, AFP informs. Today, Kosovo marks one month since its proclamation of independence.

On Monday morning, troops under UN mission in Kosovo took over Mitrovica's tribunal, occupied by Serbian protesters three days ago. UN forces used tearing gas and managed to arrest 53 participants in the protests. However, Serbs attacked the UN convoy transporting those arrested, who managed to escape.

Serbian protesters entered in the building located in the Serbian part of the city on Friday, forcing UN forces to retreat. Most of the protesters are former employees of the local tribunal who lost their jobs in 1999 when Kosovo's war ended and the province came under UN supervision.